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Here's what our customers are saying...

I’ve known Alan Kahn for many years and had often asked him to take care of my home while I was away.  It was easy for him to evolve this friendly service into North Fork Caretaker.  Alan has kept a careful eye on my property: alerting me to plumbing, structural, landscaping and bug infestation issues.  Alan has started my cars, dropped them off for inspection, coordinated contractors, received packages on my behalf, run errands too numerous to mention, sent my forgotten Blackberry to my office, fixed broken drawers, doors, screens, leaky faucets – he can pretty much handle any project.  I can personally vouch for his abilities and his integrity is beyond reproach.
I would unconditionally recommend Alan to family, friend or stranger.  My boyfriend and I own a house in Greenport but we live on the west coast.  While we love visiting, this property primarily is a rental business for us and a vacation place for our friends and family on the east coast.  We bought this house about three years ago on a whim and found Alan's name on line or in the phone book, I don't remember exactly.  In any case, he has been nothing short of extraordinary.  The rentals on this house are extremely successful and much of the credit goes to Alan for his dependability, resourcefulness and incredible attention to detail.  I do the bookings but he handles everything else, checking the house before and after guests, showing the house, managing maintenance and trades people.  Thankfully for me, he and I are both very particular about how things should be cared for so I don't have to worry that things are being overlooked.  The trades people he has recommended have been reliable and priced reasonably, the latter being hard to find out there. I manage over 25,000 sq. ft. of office space for a major studio in Los Angeles so I can be very demanding!  Yet, I never worry about the house in Greenport because I know Alan is there.  He is very proactive and anticipates issues. And, he's a very nice person. 
We also live in the city and use our house in Cutchogue on weekends.  We have nothing but positive things to say about Alan.  He visits our home each week and emails or texts us that all is fine.  He notices if repairs are necessary, and if he cannot handle it, he knows just the person to call to get it done.   He answers calls and texts immediately and is willing to handle anything that needs attention at the house.  When Sandy hit,  we knew within hours that the house was fine but that we had lost electricity.  Alan emptied our refrigerator for us and kept us in the loop to let us know immediately about the return of power.  When we forgot to bring a case of wine back to the city, Alan went to the house and shipped it off to us.  When our cleaning people come, he manages their entry and exit and has even arranged payment for me once or twice.  When a bird mysteriously entered the house, he managed its removal, arranged to have a cap put on the chimney, and even sent us a photo of the invader.  He handles everything from the storage of our furniture in the off season and during storms to putting up curtain rods throughout our house to contacting and meeting our sprinkler service people to open and close the system.  We also have had the opportunity to meet and get to know Alan's wife, and they are both lovely, genuine people.  Alan is smart, dependable and a pleasure to do business with.